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A nation in distress: An interpretation of Bergdahl

american-flag_half-mastI originally decided I was going to keep quiet on this most recent incident until all the facts have been weighed out.  From the beginning, I thought that there was a lot more to this story than what was being reported by the American mainstream media. While I could do what a lot of other right-leaning blogs have done and simply laundry list all the current articles dealing with the whole affair, I have decided to simply do commentary based on what has already been reported.  Firstly, why SGT. Bergdahl as a captive?  For the nearly thirteen years at war, why was he the only “captured” service member in custody?  In the military history of the United States, there have always been scores of service members captured, regardless of the precautions taken by the theater command.

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The specter of failed American foreign policy

UN_flags_access_copy1Over the last few days, the world has been wondering about the fate of some three hundred Nigerian girls, from the ages of 9 to 15, kidnapped from various schools to be sold as part of the human sex slave trade.  At the center of these kidnappings is Boko Haram, considered as a militant Islamic group by America’s European allies, is not on the State Department’s list of terrorist groups. In our nation’s efforts to reach out to the Middle East, the Obama administration has never been willing to identify any militant Islamic movements as terrorist organizations and a threat to American security. Continue reading

The emerging new “America”

american-eagle_1_lgAs an American historian, I am aware of the patterns of social change that have occurred in the past.  Since the 1900s, there have been several shifts in American society where the old ways were replaced by newer thoughts, theories, or norms.  Some of these things were great strides in improving the nation while others have not had the expected or promised outcome.  Right now, our nation is in the middle of such a transition. Some people point to the inauguration of President Barack H. Obama as the start of this transition, but in all fairness, the shift began long before he was nominated as the Democratic presidential nominee for the 2008 election.

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