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I am an Army brat…

originaldandyEvery one of us is a product of our upbringing. Whether we care to admit it or not, we are who we are because of our family, the things we were exposed to, the experiences we lived through, and the people we associated with while growing up. For many people, they lived in the same city their entire childhood, and besides a move within the county or across town, never left the area. They grew up with the same friends each school year, they married a person they had known for most of their life, and even now, still know where most of their friends from their youth are. I am an Army brat and that is not the life I lived. For me, that kind of life sounds foreign to me. It is a life that I am unfamiliar with and a life I find hard to understand. Try as I might, I simply do not have the common, shared experiences and benefits of being from the hometown crowd. Anyone who was a military brat understands exactly what I mean.

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